7 Jobs you can do from Home In 2018

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Working at home is a dream for some people because it eliminates travel and time wasted on public transport or by car to get to and from work. Working from home can also be more independent. It can also be a solution to have a complementary income, for example when one is a stay-at-home mother and one does not want to leave one’s children. Some of these jobs involve working on the internet, others not. As the rest of this article will show you, there are many ways to make money at home.


Virtual Assistant

Who is Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A virtual assistant is a person who will serve a company or an individual. She is available for her employer, online, and will perform all the tasks entrusted to her: it may as well be to find an apartment that find the best offer for a trip or even to remind the employer what he has to do. In some cases, good computer literacy is required, as well as communication skills as written and oral as well as knowledge of the current world of business when the employer is a company.


Average Income

A virtual assistant charges his services on time, on the contract for a specific job or on the basis of a monthly fee. The average hourly rate is usually $16.29 per hour.



Blogger is becoming more prevalent with the development of web 2.0. It is somewhat similar to that of a web editor, except that the blogger is, as the name suggests, a pen that writes only for blogs. This requires special skills, such as the perfect mastery of a few specific topics, which will be the topics of the blogs he manages, a knowledge of internet charters to moderate comments and an ability to communicate in writing to interact with other people users and build loyalty. The blogger develops for a particular blog article about a given subject.

Average Income

The blog generates revenue through advertising, which is done through various means (placement of links, sponsored articles, affiliation or adsense), once the blog has a certain reputation. It takes a while to hope to make money, and getting $15.78/hour is a very rare thing that requires hard work. Blogger is a home-based job that corresponds more to obtaining a complementary income. Selling products via his blog, however, generates a significant source of additional revenue.


A call center at home

For several years, call centers have been developing at home; in fact, thanks to the Internet, many companies subcontract calls, sales, and problem solving to outsiders who work from home. The employing company usually provides the necessary equipment to create a call center at home.


Average Income

The Average Income of a home call attendant according to indeed is 7.56 – $18.74/hour. But you should know that employees are paid by the minute, to give more flexibility to corporate employers and the salary starts at $7 per hour, the income/hour is quite difficult to raise at first, but with time, it can be increased after showing mastery/dexterity on the job.


Beauty coach

A health coach is one who will give personalized advice to people who want to take care of their physical appearance and look good. It is important to know how to listen to your clients, to know how to communicate and to have knowledge in the field of health, aesthetics and fashion.

Average Income

As with any professional coach, the average income depends on the size of his clientele and his reputation. The price, usually set on time, varies between 50 and $150 per hour of coaching.


Hair beautician

The hair beautician’s job at home is the same as that of a hair beautician in salon: he provides all the hygiene and aesthetic care of the hair of men and women he receives at home, with care such as shampoo and scalp treatment, plus more creative acts such as cutting or dyeing hair. He advises his clients in the choice of a hair treatment and a hairstyle and realizes them. In addition to a trained eye and a certain artistic sense, a good home hair beautician must have easy to communicate with, be patient and calm.

Average Income

A hairdresser at home earns on average $12.72/hour.

Online Concierge

Demand for online concierge is growing stronger; internet also offers many services and reaches more customers through simplified communication. The online concierge provides the same services as a private assistant to his boss: booking a restaurant table, shopping online from a detailed list, sending letters. care and being organized are necessary to succeed in this activity. One must also have a good knowledge of one’s city, especially when it comes to welcoming guests who come to spend a pleasant stay and want to discover the best places and the most interesting tips to be successful as a concierge is to have a great Communication and writing skills to convey information clearly.

Average Income

An online concierge bills his rates according to a predetermined schedule accepted by the client; In addition, tips are quite common in this area, which increases incomes. These can thus be on average $2500.

Private lessons

Giving private lessons at home consists of receiving students of all ages to give lessons in all types of subjects (mathematics, languages, science, law, etc.). Even though the grades may be different from k-12, high school, to college. They may also be adults, for example as part of the teaching of English Language as a Foreign Language.

Aveage Income

Homeschooling sets its rates by the hour. Depending on your experience and the certificates you have, these vary between 10 and $20. Some courses, however, may justify a higher remuneration, between 50 or even $100 , depending on the level of education of the student, the degree of complexity of the course and the time required for its preparation.

Home jewelry designer

The home jeweler makes jewels in the workshop he has built at his home before selling them on the internet. Whether you are an expert or beginner in this field, it takes time, imagination and creativity to excel at this activity.

Average Income

Creating jewelry at home can be a full-time activity or a complementary income, depending on your talents and time. Between 500 and $3000 per month are thus at the key.


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