Setting the Right Goals for Yourself and Achieving Them

How to set the right goals for yourself?

People have no idea that their tasks have consequences beyond their own limits. The goal itself is not the end point of a journey. While there is work on the task, it is accompanied by other effects - consequences of this process. For example, honey bees do not really think about pollinating flowers. For them, the main thing is to collect as much nectar as possible. But as a result of this search, bees pollinate a huge number of flowers, so that in spring we see bright landscapes of flowering meadows in front of us. The same happens in the world of people. Entrepreneurs open their business to make a profit, but their companies provide opportunities for other people to get jobs. In turn, these people send their children to study so that they become doctors, lawyers, designers, and so on.

The goal is the means by which we can feel our significance. By using intentions, we focus on valuable things. They allow us to move in the right direction, no matter what. You also need to ask yourself the following question: "What kind of person should I become in order to achieve what I want?" Take a few minutes or even an hour to answer this question - think about what character traits you need to create in yourself in order to succeed. Write down the necessary abilities, habits, and psychological attitudes.

Many people set goals and never achieve them. The first step is to formulate the task and write it down. Most people don’t even do that. But only the goal that is defined is real. But, although this action is very important, even it does not guarantee the full achievement of the things we desire. What is the most important component of this process?

Action is the cure

If all the methods and ways of self-development had to be dropped, and only one of them was left, then this would be action. Only by starting to move towards the goal, you can get valuable feedback. In order to take the right actions, you need to constantly strive to the future, be open and flexible for new events. The knowledge that has no application is a collection of sounds.

To make an algorithm of actions, you need as much as possible to describe the things you desire. What will you feel when the goal is achieved? What exactly needs to be done today to get this result?

In the process of working on the task, try to keep everything under control. Achieving the goal should depend only on you - this should in no way affect the behavior and mood of other people. Neither the bad mood of the family members nor their desire (or lack thereof) should in any way affect the final “product” that you have outlined for yourself.

Why is action in its effectiveness is ahead of any other methods of self-development? There is one reason – a result cannot be achieved without putting any work into it. Everyone knows the story of Thomas Edison, who was able to come up with his inventions only after 10 thousand unsuccessful experiments. The researcher made a great contribution to the development of telegraphic communication, sound recording, and cinema, and he did so because of his actions.

Follow those who succeed, and you will see the pattern - they are tireless. They work a lot more than a usual person would, but they get less tired in the process. Why is that? They see a goal in front of them, and it gives them the strength to move forward. Successful and happy people are those who are willing to move mountains for their own happiness.

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